Building Sustainable Ecosystems: The i-Spaces Federation of Data Innovation Spaces (i-Spaces), the definitive Pillar for boosting the adoption of Data & AI Technologies in Europe

October 26, 2023 - 16:45 - 18:15
In person
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In a world where data owners are empowered to protect their competitive, personal and sensitive data, and also promote innovation and collaboration in the digital space, safe and trustworthy environments for data experimentation and fast innovation without compromising the privacy and security are needed. At the same time, new regulations are required to promote the responsible use of data and technology in Europe.The i-Spaces Federation vision is to be the reference for experimentation and innovation with industrial, public and personal Data and AI technologies following the European, national and regional values and principles, combining a qualified and coordinated network of Labs/testing facilities and the experience of responsible practices of data managementand AI to support the European companies in their way into the data economy.

EUHubs4Data enables the uptake of advanced data and AI technologies for business and society, promoting data interoperability, protection and innovation as the core principles of their operation, to consolidate the leadership of Europe in the ethical and human centric use of artificial intelligence, contributing to our international competitiveness. The Federation’s mission is to accelerate the evolution and adoption of Data driven innovation and AI Technologies and regulations in Europe by facilitating a safe, trustworthy and regulatory compliant environment for cross-border and cross-sector data-driven experimentation. The Federation links relevant European initiatives on Data and AI in a single ecosystem providing a sustainable high-quality and global European federated catalogue of data sources, data-driven services, courses and solutions deployed locally by the i-Spaces. The Federation, with its technological and geographical coverage offers a one-stop-shop ensuring that European companies at any level could easily access the economic opportunities presented by data-driven innovation, through a secure and decentralized platform where innovators can store, manage, process, and share their data in a safe and regulatory compliant environment.

i-Spaces will leverage advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data infrastructures as well as value adding data innovation services. In addition, they act as a key consultant for European authorities, working closely with policymakers and regulators to improve existing regulations and develop new ones that support the responsible use of data and technology.

During this session, the vision and future of the federation but also the main results and assets as a base for the exploitation strategy will be shown. The technical team will present a demo of our Catalogue Manager and during the second part, through a discussion with different stakeholders we will give an overview of how this federation and their main results can support the sustainability of other project’s results/assets.

Find the session’s agenda here

Ana García Robles
Secretary General at BDVA
Daniel Sáez Domingo
Strategic Intelligence & Technology Transfer Director at ITI - Instituto Tecnológico de Informática
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