Parallel session on A BigDataStack for Industry – a focus on retail, shipping and insurance: is BigData the real future of emerging business? (BigDataStack project sponsored session)

November 5, 2020 - 10:00 - 13:30
Application Track 5 - Smart society
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After 3 years of research and innovation, BigDataStack project finally deployed a software able to analyse data in a holistic fashion across multiple data stores and from several sources, handling analytics on both data in flight and at rest.

A complete suite for big data analytics, real-time, cross-stream processing, predictive algorithms and process mining, tested on 3 real cases scenarios in retail, shipping and insurance.

Its final event: “A BigDataStack for Industry – a focus on retail, shipping and insurance: is Big Data the real future of emerging business?” is taking place inside the colourful framework of the European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF), with the purpose of putting the stress on adopting a bid data culture among industries.

The event will bring together gurus from the project in the retail, shipping and insurance domains, and Big Data experts opening a panel of discussion with the wide audience.

Being at the end of this exciting journey in research and ready to start another inside business, the event will open a discussion on possible applications of Big Data analytics to everyday life, on how similar solutions will ease the life of data analysts and optimise user experience and business performances. In 2020, data is definitely among the most exploited products in the market but we still have a long way to go to fully understand its value, integrate it inside companies and get the most out of it.

The European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF) is the flagship event of the European Big Data and Data-Driven AI Research and Innovation community organised by the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) and the European Commission (DG CONNECT).


With a focus on “AI and Big Data Transforming Business and Society” and more than 90 speakers coming from the public sector, innovative companies, leading research bodies and exciting start-ups, the EBDVF 2020 edition aims to spread the data culture among industries, bringing all the benefits of cutting edge, big data technologies into small to large enterprises.

With a shared vision about the future of data, the natural match between the two events will find a place on the 5th November, both online, at https://www.european-big-data-value-forum.eu/ and physically, in Berlin.
Andrea M Schillaci
Digital Marketing & Communication Officer at BigDataStack
Anestis Sidiropoulos
at Aristotle University, Thessaloniki
Bernat Quesada
at Worldline
Céline Xu
Dimosthenis Kyriazis
Associate Professor at University of Piraeus
Marieke Willems
Project Manager at Policy Cloud
Maurizio Megliola
Project Manager at GFT Italia
Ray Walshe
Asst Professor of ICT Standards at ADAPT Research Centre @ DCU
Stathis Plitsos
Director of Development at DeepSea Technologies
Tatu Kuivalahti
CEO at Custobar
Yosef Moatti
Senior Researcher at Yosef Moatti
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