Big Data Value PPP networking sessions, National Initiatives

November 22, 2017 - 16:30 - 18:00
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Data innovation contributed about €300 billion to Europe’s economy in 2016 (or approximately 2 percent of GDP), and its value will likely more than double by 2020. However, a recent report about the state of Data Innovation in the EU points out great differences in the degree to which Member States are harnessing the benefits of data. The current data landscape in the EU is also quite complex, since it combines actions and policies defined at European level, with leading initiatives such as the Public Private Partnership on Big Data Value, with a myriad of National Initiatives that focus on concrete national priorities.

The aim of this session is to get an overview of different national strategies around Big Data and the Data economy (including how Member States address challenges like skills, ecosystem building and sustainability), understand motivations and coherence in the implementation of EU policies and discuss actions that maximize the potential of the EU data economy by combining efforts and building on top on the actions and investments of Member States. A moderated panel discussion with high class representatives of different MS will try to answer those questions taking into account their views and also their individual national challenges. The audience will leave with insights about national challenges and solutions to drive forward the (Big) Data economy.

  • Nuria de Lama Organisation (Atos, Vice-Secretary General BDVA)
  • Paul Czech (Know-Center, Responsible i-Spaces BDVA)
  • Ed Curry Organisation (Insight, Vice-President BDVA)


  • Introduction to the session (5’)
  • State of Data Innovation and Strategy in Member States (brief statements) (30’)
    • Big Data in Austria
    • Big Data in France
    • Big Data in Germany
    • Big Data in Spain
    • European Big Data Network
    • Big Data in Europe-vision by the European Commission
    • National initiatives in new member states
  • Panel Discussion (30’)
    • How can national initiatives create more value by ecosystem building beyond borders?
    • What are the challenges between National and European Initiatives?
    • How to overcome the European skill gap and how to foster diversity in Data Science?
    • How sustainable are national initiatives compared to European and how can they raise their impact?
    • What comes after Big Data? How to integrate with these into the HPC community?
  • Additional perspectives (10’)
    • Beyond the EU: Opportunities in International Cooperation
    • Watify: Opportunity to stimulate the data economy
  • Questions by the audience (15’)
  • Closing Statements
Ed Curry
Vice President at BDVA / Insight / NUI Galway
Nuria De Lama
Consulting Director at IDC
Paul Czech
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