Big Data Standards priorities, BDVA Workshops

November 23, 2017 - 11:00 - 12.30
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Standardisation is a fundamental pillar in the construction of a Digital Single Market and Data Economy. It is only through the use of standards that the requirements of interconnectivity and interoperability can be assured in an ICT-centric economy. BDVA and the BDV PPP will continue to lead the way in the development of technology and data standards for Big Data by:

  • Leveraging existing common standards as the basis for an open and successful Big Data market;
  • Supporting Standards Development Organisations (SDOs), such as ETSI, CEN-CENELEC, ISO, IEC, W3C, ITU-T and IEEE, by making experts available for all aspects of Big Data in the standardisation process;
  • Aligning the BDVA Big Data Reference Model with existing and evolving compatible architectures;
  • Liaising and collaborating with international consortia and SDOs through the TF6SG6 Standards Group and Workshops;
  • Integrating national efforts on an international (European) level as early as possible;
  • Providing education and educational material to promote developing standards

The Big Data Value Association’s Task Force on Standardization is committed to engaging with all stakeholders in the Big Data ecosystem and participating in the development of Global Standards for the Big Data community. As of August 19th 2017 the BDVA has an official liaison with ISO IEC JTC1 WG9 Big Data Standards group now merging into the newly established JTC 1/SC 42, Artificial Intelligence, which are tasked with developing the Big Data Reference Architecture for ISO. This is a mutually beneficial collaboration where we share information to help shape the future of Big Data Standardization.

The objective of this workshop is twofold: in one hand to get contributions for PPP and Big Data projects to the new new ISO Reference Architecture and the BDV Reference Model, and on the other hand to inform and further engage the wider European community interested in contributing to the Big Data and AI Standards priorities.


  • Ray Walshe (Insight) BDVA: TF6-SG6 co-leader
  • Abdellatif Touimi (Huawei) BDVA: TF6-SG6 co-leader
  • Arne Berre (Sintef) BDVA: TF6 leader
  • Ana García (BDVA Secretary General)



  • Ray Walshe (Insight) BDVA: TF6-SG6 co-leader
  • Abdellatif Touimi (Huawei) BDVA: TF6-SG6 co-leader
  • Arne Berre (Sintef) BDVA: TF6 leader
  • Simon Scerri (Fraunhofer) BDVA: Big Data Europe project
  • Gayane Sedrakyan (imec, HOBBIT project)
  • Codrine Ilie (TerraSigna, TF7.SG5 Earth Observation & Geospatial)
  • Melissa Cragin (Univ. Illinois, US Midwest Big Data Hub)



1.BDVA driving big data standardisation and interoperability priorities: Outcomes 2017 and update on ISO JTC1 WG9 Big Data and JTC1/SC42 Artificial Intelligence

Ray Walshe and Abdellatif Tuoimi

2.Big Data Value Reference model from BDVA (SRIA 4.0)

Arne J. Berre

3.Big Data Europe

Simon Scerri

4.Big Data Standards related to Big Data PPP projects:

Arne J. Berre

    • Big Data PPP -Large Scale Pilots: (DataBio, TransformingTransport) (ICT-15-2017)
    • Big Data PPP – IA Projects with Linked Data/Graph data: (EUBusinessGraph, EWShopp, QROWD, ..
    • Projects on Cross-sectorial and cross-lingual data integration and experimentation (ICT-14-2017)
    • Big Data Benchmarking – DataBench project5.

5.HOBBIT Benchmarking project

Gayane Sedrakyan

6.EO/Geo Big Data type standards

Codrina Ilie

7.Report on the Trans-Atlantic EU-US Symposium on Public Private Partnerships for Big Data, November 20th (Ray Walshe and Melissa Cragin) – on Big Data Integration and Interoperability in various domains Smart Cities, Transportation, Health, Environment, AgriFood, Energy, Water, …

8.Roadmap to coordinate European Big Data Standardisation priorities

Ray Walshe / All

Arne Berre
Chief Scientist and Innovation Director at SINTEF and NorwAI
Codrina Ilie
GIS/RS Specialist at Terrasigna
Gayane Sedrakyan
Sr. Researcher, Acting Research Project Manager at IMEC (Ghent University)
Ray Walshe
Asst Professor of ICT Standards at ADAPT Research Centre @ DCU
Simon Scerri
Senior Researcher at Fraunhofer IAIS
Abdellatif Touimi
Melissa Cragin
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