Big Data and AI for the Financial Sector: challenges and opportunities

December 1, 2021 - 12:30 - 14:00
Data-driven AI Solutions
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The session will explore the importance of data-driven AI for the financial sector by comparing the highly innovative and revolutionary world of Fintech companies with Financial Institutions, highlighting the peculiarities of the sector such as the paradigm of ethical AI.

The session will cover topics related to Open Innovation Hubs and acceleration programs, to highlight the importance of innovation and the opportunities of Fintechs mentioning as well the VDIH (Virtualized Digital Innovation Hub), an innovative service developed within the INFINITECH project, a digital finance flagship H2020 project. Moreover, the findings and insights of the Whitepaper of the Task Force “AI and Big Data for the Financial Sector” will be presented, emphasizing market trends, vision, and the innovation impact of novel technologies on the financial sector. The session will end with a key-note speech by a representative from the Fintech District, the largest open ecosystem within the Italian fintech community, deepening the evolution of the fintech sector and sharing future insights and opportunities.

Clelia Tosi
at Fintech District
Francisco Estevan
CEO Insomnia at Insomnia
Marco Rotoloni
Senior Research Analyst at Abilab
Marina Cugurra
R&I Lawyer and Ethics Expert at R&I Lawyer and Ethics Expert
Tomislav Duricic
Scientific Researcher and University Assistant at Know-Center GmbH
Vittorio Monferrino
Project Leader at R&I Lawyer and Ethics Expert
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