Benchmarking Big Data (Parallel Session 3.2)

November 12, 2018 - 17:00 - 18:30
Room B1
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  • Introduction – Arne Berre/Axel Ngonga
  • Designing Big Data Benchmarks – Irini Fundulaki
  • LDBC – Peter Boncz
  • DataBench – Gabriella Cattaneo/Tomas P. Lobo
  • Holistic Benchmarking – Axel Ngonga/Gayane Sedrakyan
  • Benchmarking as a service – Pavel Smirnov (AGT)
  • The EU Big Data Inducement price challenge – Kimmo Rossi (EC)
  • Presentation of solutions of winners of the EU Big Data Inducement Prize
  • Summary and Discussion



This session will be organized by TF6 SG7. The goal of the session is to discuss and promote benchmarking (especially for Big Data platforms) with a focus on European stakeholders. The session will hence focus on:

  • Unveiling key requirements and results gathered over the last three years of Big Data benchmarking at a European scale.
  • Gathering future needs, trends and directions for benchmarking from a European perspective. Interactive presentations (powered by tools such as Mentimeter) will be combined with discussions in an open workshop-like atmosphere. We foresee the following structure (subject to

    • Introduction and BDVA reference model.
    • European benchmarking efforts and best practices (HOBBIT, DataBench, LDBC, etc.).
    • Application areas (societal challenges, IOT, smart cities, smart homes, etc.).
    • Future trends.
  • Key areas interaction will include the completion of existing models, current practical challenges faced by European stakeholders and current trends (especially in societal challenges). The objectives of the session include:
    • Present the current offering of TF6 SG7.
    • Monitor current development in benchmarking (especially in Europe).
    • Collect real needs from varied stakeholders pertaining to benchmarking that really matters for their systems.
    • Discover new avenues of research/use for benchmarking technologies.
Arne Berre
Chief Scientist and Innovation Director at SINTEF and NorwAI
Axel Ngonga
Full Professor of Data Science at Paderborn University at University of Paderborn, Lead of BDVA TF6 Benchmarking group
Gabriella Cattaneo
Associate Vice President European Government Consulting at IDC EMEA at IDC
Gayane Sedrakyan
Sr. Researcher, Acting Research Project Manager at IMEC (Ghent University)
Irini Fundulaki
Researcher at Institute of Computer Science - FORTH
Kimmo Rossi
Head of sector of the DG CONNECT at European Commission
Peter Boncz
Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Tomás Pariente Lobo
AI, Data & Robotics Unit - Atos Research & Innovation at Atos
Pavel Smirnov
Senior Research Engineer IoT at AGT International
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