Avoiding the Social Pain; Catching up with technology

November 21, 2022 - 14:00 - 15:30
Ceremony room
Data, AI and the new society
In person
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The development of digital technologies is far outpacing our capacity as a society to adopt and achieve the full promise and productivity that they can provide. The missing piece are the people with the right skills. Having the digital skills in place to adopt, manipulate and exploit the technology within specific contexts or business case and continue to further its development. Over the next five years, we are expecting a big bang in the widescale deployment of advanced AI solutions and systems. The tools and methods need to be in the reach of businesses and citizens and technology developers must contribute to bridging the gaps that will come through collaboration with stakeholders from across education, training and public policy. This session aims to highlight the future demand for skills that is precipitated by this accelerated development, what is the real impact of the skills gap on prosperity and sovereignty, how we as companies and education/training providers position the future talent pipeline to capture this opportunity and how we in Europe can create a sustained and successful approach to skills as an element of tech transfer.

Session’s Agenda here

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Presentation of the session: Giorgio Micheletti presentation

Brendan Rowan
Managing Consultant at Bluspecs
Ernestina Menasalvas
Profesor at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM)
Giorgio Micheletti
Consulting Director at IDC
Nuria De Lama
Consulting Director at IDC
Robert Seidl
Researcher at Nokia Bell Labs
Martin Úlovec
Member of the cabinet of the Minister for Education, Youth and Sport at National Pedological Institute of Czechia
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