AI4EU in practice : the industrial pilots perspective

November 29, 2021 - 14:30 - 16:00
Industrial and Trustworthy AI
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The AI4EU project (https://www.ai4europe.eu/) was established in January 2019 to build the first European Artificial Intelligence On-Demand Platform and ecosystem with the support of the European Commission under the H2020 program with the aim to bring together the AI community while promoting European values. The platform is a facilitator of knowledge transfer from research to business application and serves as a catalyst to aid AI-based innovation, resulting in new products, services and solutions to benefit European industry, commerce and society.

Within the project, eight industrial pilots were setup to provide industrial requirements, to early experiment platform features and to provide components to the platform catalog. In this session, after a brief recap of the platform features, four pilots – AI4Citizen, AI4Industry, AI4Agriculture and AI4IOT – will share with the community their return on experience while showing how to onboard AI components on the AI4EU experiments platform (https://www.ai4europe.eu/development).

Following this demonstration, a discussion panel will discuss the highlights and pitfalls on using the platform, its main useful features, potential requests for enhancement, roadmap and engagement on platform development.

We strongly encourage session attendees to engage with the panelists to ask their questions or provide their favorite features !

Jean-Christophe Pazzaglia
AICitizen Pilot lead at SAP
Juan Antonio Rodríguez-Aguilar
Kerstin Bach
Associate Professor, Program Manager at NorwAI at NTNU
Peter Schüller
Project Assistant at Technische Universität Wien
Raman Kazhamiakin
at FBK
Tiago Veiga
Tomás Pariente Lobo
AI, Data & Robotics Unit - Atos Research & Innovation at Atos
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