AI and Data Interoperability = Standardization

December 1, 2021 - 12:30 - 14:00
Technology, platforms and impact
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International Trade on a Global Scale in our modern Digitally Transformed society requires interoperability on a global scale. European and International Standards Development Organisations are at the forefront of providing open and stable market access for stakeholders in ICT ecosystems. This session looks at current state of the art in AI and Data standardization.

The objectives of this session are to raise awareness of International AI/Data Standards, to provide industry and academic perspectives on impact of AI/Data Standards Engagement and inform about supports for ICT Standards Engagement.

This session brings together research, academia and industry experts in a though provoking session on standardization as a driver for innovation and scale.

Emilia Tantar
at Black Swan Lux
Lindsay Frost
Chief Standardisation Eng. at NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH
Ray Walshe
Asst Professor of ICT Standards at ADAPT Research Centre @ DCU
Rama Moorthy
CEO/Founder at Hatha Systems
Thomas Reibe
Senior Officer at DG Connect at European Commission
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