A roadmap for Trustworthy European AI

November 22, 2022 - 11:00 - 12:00
Euphoria Room
Industrial and Trustworthy AI
In person
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The VISION project is tasked to create a common vision for the future development of AI in Europe. The R&D&I roadmaps of four large projects (ICT48 call) are of course all different, but a common taxonomy for the development of Trustworthy European AI can be adopted so that there is a shared ‘language’ in which all these different roadmaps can be expressed. The goal of the session is not only to present this taxonomy, but more importantly, to invite the AI community at large to give feedback on it. Therefore, the session will be highly interactive.

Presentation of the session: Freek Bomhof presentation

Freek Bomhof
Senior Consultant at TNO
Joachim de Greeff
Senior Consultant AI & Robotics at TNO
Tjerk Timan
lead Trustworthy AI, policy analyst at TNO
Claudio Lazo
Strategy & Policy Researcher at TNO
Kristina Karanikolova
Innovation Researcher at TNO
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