Sponsor Talk RISE – 5G network edge – the new innovation platform and the AI Agenda for Sweden

November 3, 2020 - 17:00 - 17:30
Focus Track 3 - Market uptake: Bringing AI and Data Sciences to Practice;Sponsored talk
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This sponsor talk will be divided in two parts.

The first part will focus on the topic of the 5G network edge.

5G will bring us higher downlink and uplink speeds, robust connectivity and much more. But it will also bring us low latency. Then it makes sense to put compute into the network.

This will be a new innovation platform for application developers using distributed compute.It will enable a new set of applications never seen before. RISE has worked on a edge application testbed and services for developers. This will be a great opportunity for all innovation hubs.

The objective of this part will be to engage the European community of data service actors to collaborate and use a service and testbed for network edge application developers.

In the second part of this talk, the focus will switch to the AI Agenda for Sweden. The AI Agenda for Sweden presents proposals aims at accelerating the positive effects of AI use in Swedish society in the short and long term, while minimising risks based on the vision that Sweden will be a leader in taking advantage of opportunities in a responsible, inclusive and sustainable way.


Jeanette Nilsson
AI Ecosystem Driver at Research Institutes of Sweden AB (RISE)
Tor Björn Minde
Director at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
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