EBDVF Ambassadors Programme

BDVA actively encourages BDVA members and members of the local community in Hungary to support the content of our social media channels related to EBDVF 2024 by posting, blogging and tweeting about EBDVF content, sharing information about the EBDVF registration process, the sponsorship opportunities, the EBDVF agenda and positive EBDVF experiences. A major objective of the EBDVF is to share the latest updates in the Data & AI ecosystem and the future steps required to achieve a Data-driven and AI-enabled Europe to its members, as well as wider audiences!


Why do we value the support of EBDVF 2024 Ambassadors?

Collaborating with EBDVF 2024 Ambassadors is a strategic decision that aligns with our mission to create an impactful Data-driven and AI-enabled gathering. The expertise of ambassadors, influence and dedication to advancing the Data & AI ecosystem will greatly benefit the entire community, making the event more successful and engaging.


Why would you want to be an EBDVF 2024 Ambassador?

As a Data & AI professional, it would be beneficial to be connected to our event and best represent your field, while also playing an active role in the dissemination activities related to EBDVF 2024.


What are the attributions of an EBDVF 2024 Ambassador? 

  • Help promote #EBDVF2024 via Social Media and word of mouth
  • Help promote #EBDVF2024 registration and #EBDVF2024 sponsorship opportunities
  • Share information related to the EBDVF programme
  • Share #EBDVF2024 news and updates with your Social Media network prior to and during the EBDVF 2024 
  • You are encouraged to take photos during the EBDVF
  • Connect and stay in touch with other Ambassadors!
  • Have fun at our event!

What are the benefits of an EBDVF 2024 Ambassador? 

  • The top 3 most active EBDVF Ambassadors will receive a free ticket to attend the EBDVF 2024 (2-4 October, Budapest). The overall number of likes on EBDVF-related posts will be counted for every ambassador from 1 July – 1 September 2024.
  • Networking possibilities at EBDVF 2024 for the 3 most active accounts, as they will receive a free ticket to attend the top event of Europe’s Data-driven and AI-enabled community. 
  • Establishing an international group of ambassadors will build bridges between the members of our community, as they will be interacting with each other, before, during and after EBDVF 2024.

How to become an EBDVF 2024 Ambassador? 

  • Send an email to communications@bdva.eu by 19 July 2024 (NEW DEADLINE) stating your desire to be an EBDVF Ambassador and availability to share EBDVF-related information on your Social Media account(s). Please include in the email link(s) to your Social Media account(s).
  • We will send an email every 2 weeks to the EBDVF ambassadors suggesting material for EBDVF posts and offering EBDVF visuals.
  • As stated above, the overall number of likes on EBDVF-related posts will be counted for every ambassador from 1 July – 1 September 2024.
  • The EBDVF ambassadors that receive the most number of likes (the top 3) will receive a free EBDVF ticket.

Deadline and announcement of winners 

  • Deadline: 10 July 2024
  • We will announce the most active accounts and contact directly the winners of the free EBDVF tickets in the first week of September!
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