EBDVF 2024 Registration

Conference entry fees (VAT incl)

Early Bird ticket
Normal ticket
Last minute ticket
3-day ticket 300€ 400€ 450€
3-day ticket (BDVA member/ speaker) 150€ 200€ 250€
3-day ticket + Social event 380€ 480€ 530€
3-day ticket + Social event (BDVA member/ Speaker) 190€ 240€ 290€
1-day ticket 130€ 150€ 180€
Dinner ticket 90€ 100€ 140€

The event in Budapest is open to everyone and participation requires payment of a fee. To lower barriers of participation to our members, BDVA will cover 50% of the participation fee for its members. This measure applies to BDVA Full members (no limits per tickets) and 3 participant/individual for Associate members. 

  • Early Bird tickets are available until 1 August
  • Normal priced tickets are available until 15 September
  • Last minute tickets are available from 16 September onward

Members registering to the the EBDVF 2024 should contact ebdvf@bdva.eu to get the discount code needed for registration. 

For free press registration please contact communications@bdva.eu.

In case of problems with registration, please contact ticket@cooltix.hu.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact the BDVA office team at  secretariat@bdva.eu.

By registering to EBDVF you agree to the EBDVF Event Policy and to the EBDVF Privacy Policy concerning the processing of your personal data that you are providing, which will be collected, processed, stored and used by Cooltix.hu and the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) – Data, AI and Robotics (DAIRO) aisbl, to organise the EBDVF 2024. All personal data will be surely processed and stored in full accordance with European data protection legislation. It will remain the registrants responsibility to inform the event organisers of any possible restrictions related to using their image – photography use.

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