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The main organiser of the event, BDVA, is an industry-driven international not-for-profit organisation with over 230 members all over Europe. BDVA focuses on enabling the digital transformation of the economy and society through Data and Artificial Intelligence by advancing in areas such as big data and AI technologies and services, data platforms and data spaces, Industrial AI, data-driven value creation, standardisation, and skills. BDVA has been the private side of the H2020 partnership Big Data Value PPP, the EuroHPC JU and also one of the founding members of the AI, Data and Robotics Partnership. BDVA has also developed a strong and growing cooperation with Gaia-X, IDSA and FIWARE through the Data Spaces Business Alliance (DSBA) and some national initiatives for Industrial AI.

ITI is a private Technology Center focused on ICT Research, Development and Innovation. ITI belongs to the Technology Institutes Network of the Valencian Community and the Spanish Federation of Technology Centers. Founded in 1994, ITI develops R&D tailored for the needs and challenges of local companies, searching for technological solutions that answer economical and social challenges, improve industrial competition, and fostering a smarter, more sustainable society. With more than 300 professionals working around data, ITI is the national leader Technology Center and one of the leaders at a European level in these technologies, which are recognized as the great revolutionaries of the present and future economy and society. Among others, ITI is the only Spanish representative of the Gaia-X Management Committee at a European level, and Daniel Sáez, director of Strategic Intelligence and Transfer of ITI, holds the presidency of Gaia-X Spain. He is a member of the Steering Committee of BDVA (Big Data Value Association) and DSBA (Data Space Business Alliance). ITI is also the coordinator of AI4ES, the Cervera Network of Excellence, which seeks to place Spain at the forefront in Artificial Intelligence. He also leads EUHubs4Data, the European federation of Big Data Innovation Hubs. Likewise, ITI is a member of the STEAM Chair of the UPV, to promote female technological talent. In addition, its managing director, Laura Olcina, holds the presidency of FEDIT (Spanish Federation of Technology Centers), and is a member of the Spanish Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (CACTI)

INCLIVA is a biomedical research institute based in Valencia, Spain. It is included in the framework of centres of scientific excellence promoted by the Spanish Government and accredited by the National Health Institute Carlos III as an Institute of Research in Health Sciences. INCLIVA manages and promotes the biomedical research of the University Clinical Hospital of Valencia, as well as the scientific excellence groups of the School of Medicine and Dentistry of the University of Valencia and the Carlos Simon Foundation for Research in Women’s Health. Currently, it has over 700 renowned researchers in the international scientific community and possesses state-of-the-art technology for conducting high-quality research.


Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is the largest Spanish technological university specialized in all engineering fields and architecture. With two recognitions as Campus of International Excellence, its outstanding research activities together with its highly qualified professional training, make UPM a really competitive university at international level. UPM researchers are committed to transform the knowledge generated into innovation advances applied to the productive sector, contributing to solve the challenges of the European citizens. The intense collaboration with governmental bodies and industry guarantees that research at UPM offers real solutions to real-world problems. The dynamism of R&D&I activity at the UPM, together with the transfer of knowledge to society, are among its lines of strategy. UPM is BDVA Founding Member (2014) and has been deeply committed to its performance since then.

The Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain) is a public, dynamic and innovative institution dedicated to research and teaching which, while maintaining strong ties with the community in which it carries out its activities, strives for a strong presence abroad. It is a young university, which celebrated its 50th anniversary during the 2018-2019 academic year. Its community is currently made up of around 28,000 students, 2,500 teaching staff and researchers. The UPV comprises 13 university centres, of which 9 are higher technical schools, 2 are faculties and another 2 are higher polytechnic schools.

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